The Truth About Essential Oils

One of my goals at Healthy You Healthy Me is to look at current popular health trends. Essential Oils are all the rage right now, but do they work?






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What are Essential Oils

Essential oils are usually extracted from flowers, peels, grasses, barks and resins. Most commonly, they are extracted by cold pressing and steam distillation.

How They Work

There are three ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically and internally. But, let’s face it, what we all want to know is, “Do they work and how do they work?”

The truth about essential oils is yes; yes, they work. However, they do not work the same for every person. A scent that I find calming and relaxing may cause you to become restless. One drop of lavender oil might calm me down, but it might take three drops to have any effect on you.

Essential oils have been around and in use since Biblical times, and there is science to back up their claims.

Dr. Scott Johnson, a naturopath, says that essential oils directly impact mood, memory, emotions and cognitive function. Using essential oils increases brain activity and impacts the nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

Here is why essential oils are so effective: they are lipid soluble. This means the oils can pass through the cell membrane in a process called passive diffusion, the same way oxygen and carbon dioxide enter the cells.

Essential oils effect your body on a cellular level. Wow!

(Essential oils have not been regulated nor studied conclusively by the FDA. However, Young Living’s vitality line of essential oils do follow FDA recommendations and are food quality oils, meaning they are safe to consume.)


If you want to try essential oils, look for a pure oil brand. I personally have chosen Young Living Essential Oils because I agree with their Seed to Seal philosophy and their efforts to be good stewards of the land.

Young Living is so dedicated to protecting plants and the environment that they grow their own plants to be used in creating the oils.  In fact, rather than endanger rare plants, they will discontinue an oil until such time as they have grown enough to produce it in a large quantity again.

The point of using the oils is to get away from the chemicals and preservatives all around us and to avoid the side effects of medications. ( I am not advocating for anyone to stop taking their prescriptions. DO NOT replace any medication without first consulting your doctor.)

What I am saying is that if you use an oil, make sure it is a quality oil.  Avoid any product that adds fragrance, preservatives, dyes, or other types of chemicals.

In My Experience

My personal use of essential oils began when I ran out of ways to help my daughter overcome her nasal congestion. Her doctor would not give her any more medications due to the fear of over using antibiotics. Allergy medications helped some, but the poor child could not sleep. We tried vapor baths, menthol rubs, humidifiers, etc.

Finally, in desperation, I purchased Thieves oil blend on a recommendation from a friend, and I diluted it with a carrier oil as instructed. I rubbed it on my daughter’s chest. I also made a line from each ear to her jaw. In 15 minutes, thick white gunk oozed out of her left ear. It was amazing! (And pretty gross, too.)

Another way we use essential oils is as a hair detangler for my daughter.  Just mix 1 1/2 cups distilled water, 1 Tbsp Apple Cider vinegar (use 2 Tbsp for frizzy hair), and 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oils. I really like lavender and rosemary together.  Plus if you have kids in school, rosemary repels head lice. Pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle.  It’s a good idea to shake it gently before each use.

For more information about Young Living Essential Oils and to become a member go to .


Business Plan

Besides helping you on your wellness journey, oils can be a lucrative business venture. Young Living claims, “If you love it, share it.”  You would earn a commission from the purchases of the people who become members under your sponsorship, just as your sponsor would earn a commission from your purchases.

Young Living offers a ton of video training guides, and many tools to get you started in the right direction.  You will also find a community full of  lots of friendly and energetic people to support you in your business goals.  The community is definitely committed to helping people live with less toxins in their homes, and they love their oils.

Let’s Review

The truth about essential oils is that they work. They may not work as effectively for some as they do for others, but it is still beneficial to use them. I have had some success with oils in maintaining my health, supporting my fight against seasonal allergies, and even occasional relief from a headache.

Commonly, you might hear a distributor say, “I have an oil for that.”  They’re not kidding. Essential oils support health issues ranging from common colds, digestion, headaches, and even mood, just to name a few.

Have you had a positive experience with essential oils?  Tell me about it.  As always, let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll do my best to give an honest answer.








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