CBD,THC, & Hemp: What do they all Mean?

CBD oil is gaining in popularity and brings with it plenty of new jargon as well. It can be down right confusing. Let’s find out more about CBD oil and sort out these new terms.


Cannabis oil (CBD) is thought to have been in use for 3000 years, maybe longer. There are two basic types of cannabis plants. One plant we commonly call marijuana. The other plant we refer to as hemp. Yes, my friends, there is a difference.

Hemp (Cannabis indica) plants are bred to produce oil, rope, and fabrics.  Marijuana (Cannabis sativa) plants are used for religious and recreational purposes.


Cannabis contain unique compounds called cannabinoids.  One such cannabinoid is called THC.  (Approximately 60 canniboids have been identified so far.)  THC is credited with producing the high obtained from marijuana.  Hemp produces very little THC, and can, in fact, be used to counter the effects of the high.  Hemp produces more of a cannabinoid called CBD.  Marijuana produces more THC.

This is an important point because the CBD oil (made from hemp) is not going to give you a high.  The purpose of the oil is to assist in maintaining health and to promote healing.

Why It Works

One reason CBD oil is effective is because our body has cannibinoid receptors.  These receptors (part of the endocannibinoid system or ECS) are involved in many physiological processes including appetite, mood, pain levels, and memory.

The ECS appears to regulate hormones in reproduction and stress.  It has also been shown to have an impact on brain function, the endocrine system and the immune system.


People are singing the praises of CBD oil.

A friend of mine has a neurological disorder and an autoimmune disease.  Doctors were at a loss at how to help her, so she became her own health advocate.  CBD oil has made a huge difference in her quality of life.  She no longer lives in pain.  She no longer suffers from seizures.

I have seen interviews with people who claim that CBD has put their cancer in remission without chemotherapy.

Out of curiosity, I decided to see what all the hype is about. I ordered a pain cream. As you know from my other posts, I suffer daily from rheumatoid arthritis. My feet and hands are deformed from the disease. Because of the deformity, my have developed painful sores and callouses from the way my shoes rub and how I walk. It is very painful.

I’m not going to lie. My reaction when I opened my order was, “Shit! That’s an expensive little jar. It better be good stuff.” (Knowing the company offered me a money back guarantee, I opened the jar.) I put a pea-sized dab on my finger and rubbed it on the bottom of my feet. I decided to try it twice a day: morning and night. After two days, the most amazing thing happened,  my feet stopped hurting.  The relief lasts about 12 hours!

This is not the first thing I have ever used for pain. However, it is absolutely the best pain cream I have ever used. I am excited about how well it worked. I am excited because there are other products I can try that might give me relief from this dreaded disease. Relief that medications have not given. (I have tried nine different medications to date and that does not include muscle rubs and pain medications.)

Please, if you haven’t tried CBD, try it! It will change your world.

(At this time the FDA does not confirm these findings.)


CBD has been found a safe and legal way to support your health using nature and not chemicals.  (If you are taking medications for any reason, please check with your doctor, before stopping them.  I am not a medical professional, just an amazed customer.)  Don’t forget to leave me a comment, especially let me know if you use CBD oil and how it’s working for you.